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Stone Fever Reviews

"One of the things which I particularly enjoyed about this novel was how direct the narrative was, making it so easy to fall into the story. With Keltyn you feel as though the story is being told to you by an old friend, and young adult audiences will be sure to respond to the immediacy of being immersed in these excellent settings. Westhoff takes a lot of popular and familiar science fiction concepts into the work but intermingles them with more old- fashioned ideas like tribal living and departmental conspiracy, which ... makes the reader more emotionally invested in the tale. I also felt that the dialogue was always snappy and to the point, delivering both character flavor and exposition without the need for excess prose. Overall, Stone Fever is a high quality read for YA and adult science fiction fans everywhere."  K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"Stone Fever: Erebus Tales Book 1 by Norman Westhoff is a captivating adventure story full of inspiring narratives! In the story, we follow Keltyn, a geologist who is exploring a now defrosted Antarctica. Keltyn is trying to find iridium around Mount Erebus, a volcano that the local Onwei tribe has predict will erupt soon! While on her mission, Keltyn makes friends with two teens from the tribe; Luz and Joaquin. While on their adventure, the trio grows, learns, and discovers the ulterior motives of a certain Oscar Bailey! Keltyn must find a way to stop Oscar before it’s too late!    Despite the hardships found within this story, Westhoff has managed to create a heartwarming tale that I could not get enough of! He touched on so many relevant topics, including colonization, global warming, and cultural diversity!

The character development was spectacular and a particular focal point of this novel. We watch Luz grow emotionally from a naïve young girl to a fierce young woman by the end of the novel. I must say, I really enjoyed Luz’s relationship with her mother in this book; it strayed away from the typical nuclear family unit.

The world-building was fantastic! Westhoff took a risk using the real-life issue of global warming as a plot device and world-building tool, but he handled it with grace and elegance. His portrayal of the issue left me with a hopeful outlook, despite it being fiction.     Westhoff’s storytelling abilities are also praiseworthy! He can keep you hooked from page one all the way to page 299; it is incredible! There was never a dull moment; wait until you get to chapter 13; you will not be able to put the book down!

The writing style also captured my attention. It’s simplicity made the story easy to follow and a joy to read. There was never a moment where I had to go back and reread a passage due to intricate text, which can be a common issue amongst indie authors. The chapters where Keltyn was narrating were my favorite!    Stone Fever: Erebus Tales Book 1 is a thrilling adventure story that touches on important topics while always entertaining the reader.

Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan

4* Silver Award

"It’s the 24th century and a team of scientists venture to Antarctica to locate the precious mineral, Iridium. The mission is sponsored by a rich and powerful man named Sir Oscar Bailey, who may have ulterior motives for locating this rare element. The team is forced to crash-land their plane and the adventure begins as they are discovered by members of the Nomidar Tribe, who have their own reasons for uncovering a greater source of Iridium. Technology meets ancient customs in an exciting story full of science, culture, exploration, greed, betrayal, newfound alliances, and self-discovery to name a few.

I really enjoyed “Stone Fever” because it is very different from anything I’ve read lately. I like how the author mixed a modern technology-driven culture with an ancient tribal culture and how the two were able to learn how to communicate in spite of their many differences. I found the aspects of the Nomidar tribe to be fascinating and in many ways thought their access to knowledge through their ancient rituals to be greater than that of the 24th century elite scientific team with all their fancy gadgets. I loved the contrast between the two groups.

Stone Fever is a clever blend of two civilizations in a sci-fi action adventure for young adults but I don’t think the audience is limited to that age group. It’s an action-packed journey that will be enjoyed by all age groups and I look forward to the next book in this new series."

Reviewed by Amy (age 16) for Reader Views Kids (1/2021)

"An adventurous story of mystery, science, conspiracy and magic, I found this book hard to put down and enjoyed it thoroughly. Compelling characters, beautiful descriptions, and actual real world science... I'm looking forward to the next installment!" John Beasley, M.D.

"The author touts this tale as a YA SciFi adventure. I disagree. I’m in my seventies and thoroughly enjoyed it...I highly recommend this first novel from a very talented writer." Robert G. Williscroft

"A magnificent tale of the imaginable, yet unimaginable. Westhoff has hit on a story that potentially has a long life with characters and science-fiction imaginings...held my interest throughout...I'm looking forward to reading how the story evolves. I highly recommend this book." Amazon customer

"The superb book Stone Fever is unique and written beautifully. Westhoff was able to make me love and hate characters so much, I was punching the air with each victory and defeat." Grace McHale

"Stone Fever offers an engrossing romp through a world which has been radically reorganized due to global warming. It centers on an encounter between a group of technologically advanced explorers and a nomadic tribe which lives in a post-glacial Antartica. The clash between these two entities yields a treasure trove of adventures which runs the gamut from witchcraft to space travel." Robert Fraga

"I suggest that you give this book one fair chance. You will be amazed at the quality. I could not put it down." Edwin Folse


from the text of Stone Fever

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“He wears the clothes of a gaucho dressed formally..."

“I’m the newbie — Keltyn SparrowHawk, rock-smith savant…”

"Magma?" "Molten rock."


"I’m sardined into the left back seat of the Bailey Voyager. It’s a good thing I’m short; this cell they call a cockpit is way too tight to fit four people. And these overstuffed flight suits — I feel like a mummy in a marshmallow. Still, I’m the newbie — Keltyn SparrowHawk, rock- smith savant..."


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